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House Of Lords
America in the Balance

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 Nine justices on the Supreme Court can decide sweeping issues that will affect generations to come, while the American majority may disagree fully with these judicial decisions. This is democracy?

For decades on end, the influence of special interests and the government have tested the very constitutional fabric of society. Now, America is at a crossroads, and something’s got to give. The House of Lords: America in the Balance candidly and unapologetically exposes the present injustices of a governmental betrayal combined with those high rollers, who, author Charles Frank argues, are responsible for sabotaging our sacred republic while American citizens are stripped of their cherished rights and freedoms.
The House of Lords presents the stark reality of hidden agendas, dysfunctional government, and a broken society that needs a new blueprint and spiritual renewal.  The author offers practical, unique solutions for a fractured nation, solutions that are rooted in the heart felt ideologies originally formed and put forth by our country’s founding fathers.  


Chuck Frank

The author of the House Of Lord's. A book for those of us that would like to pass the baton of liberty and freedom as we knew it on to our children.

Our  forefathers understood that freedom fashioned within a democracy without  God would eventually evolve into a republic that was fully unworkable and apart from the original vision.

WAKE UP AMERICA before the bell of liberty is no longer ringing in our land as America's unique republic vanishes under the control of secularism. What are your thoughts?  

 Gene Sr.