Greg Gina Isreal

Aunt Joan, Gina, Ellen


You have such a beautiful spirit. I will always take you with me by remembering the beautiful way you were. The way you were always so thoughtful of others making sure they had a cup of coffee, and that their stomachs were full.

I will remember when you would sneak me cookies when my mother said no.

And, I will always remember the week I got to stay with you as a young child. You made me a bubble bath in your big tub and every morning you made me my favorite breakfast "Cream of Wheat."

I remember laying on your bed with you to watch " Anne of Green Gables" while you would read. Thank you Grandma for these beautiful memories.

I will always keep your cute little sayings in my heart. Oh, and Grandma I hope your not mad at me but i forgot to ask my husband how much his name is worth. But I know you would love him, he is a teacher, and from the moment he met you, he loved you like you were his own grandma. He is made of the same sweet character you are and he loves the Lord!

Well Grandma I hope that in my lifetime I am even half the woman you were here on earth. Thank you for the time you gave us, I hope I was as good to you as you were to me.

I love you Grandma and will really miss you.

Until we meet again.


Gina Marie