Friday September 16, 2005

Mom Home With God

Our Lady of The blessed Sacrament

Father Avella at Church Silver Springs

Funeral Mass

Frank, Mom oldest son

Emma, and Priest

Frank's Eulogy

Gina, Son Michael and Matthew

Gene Sr. (Rachel, Geno, Adrienne) Linda

 Theresa, Dean and Family
Funeral Director, Frank, and Priest

Veterans Cemetery Fernley Nevada
Father Avella And Ellen

<Frank, Ellen, Jim,> <Barbara, Linda, Gene >

Jerry Carmichael From Massachusetts

Rachel, Geno and Adrienne

Frank's Farewell to Mom

 Frank and Gina

Frank at Mom and Dad's Grave Site

Jim, Gene, Len Valles

Mike and Uncle Gene Le Sage

Reception at Frank and Barbara's home
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Sister Mary, Frank, Father Avilla, Barbara

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