Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament
History and Roots

Eugene F.Le Sage

Joan M Le Sage

Mary C. Le Sage

George E.Hanlon SJ.


Eugene F. and Joan M. Le Sage were married by their uncle, Father George E. Hanlon S.J. on Sept. 21,1941. They raised a family of five children in the Catholic faith. In the 1960's Catholic Tradition was put aside with the new Ecumenical Council of Vatican II. So by by the year 1976 E.F.Le Sage II and his son Francis X. LeSage began buying the Catholic artifacts the Church was discarding. The Latin Tridentine Mass was being offered at that time in Mr. and Mrs. Dellalo's home in So. Lake Tahoe.

Later around 1978 the Latin Tridentine Mass was being held at a motel conferance room in So. Lake Tahoe. Mr. Le Sage I began to build the alter that would later appear at the church site in Silver Springs NV.

In 1981 Mr. LeSage moved from So Lake Tahoe to join his eldest son Frank and his wife Mary, who also were under the same mind to keep the Latin Catholic Tradition alive In Silver Springs. Mass was being held in the home of Mr. LeSage at that time by the good priest Fr. Avella.

Ten years later in March of 1991 Mr. LeSage left his earthly home. On January 15 of 1999 Mary, Francis's wife passed away. Francis X LeSage continues the battle to keep things status quo in Silver Springs. Since January of 1999 the Chapel has been in existance for 16 years.