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The Above photo was taken in 1989
1460 Antelope St. Silver Springs, Nv 89429

Hello; my name is Francis Xavier LeSage. I'm the eldest son out of a family of five. My father and mother, my wife and I had a vision to keep alive the Tridentine Latin Mass. In 1981 we built this Chapel.. Many have put their efforts in helping it come to it's fruitation. My father died in the year of our Lord 1991.My wife went to our Lord in 1999. I truly believe that it is within the comformity of God's Will that this Chapel remains a bastion of protection from those that may seek to illiminate theTraditions of our Faith.. May God bless us all and show us the way of His Will. We are struggling but have not died

       " Behold The Heavenly Rainbow"

Your donations are greatly needed, all your donations will be responded to both in writing and in prayer SEND ALL YOUR DONATIONS TO:
Our Lady of the BlessedSacrament
1400 W. Antelope St.
Sliver Springs NV. 89429

St. Lenoard
"Untill We Meet Again ... Dominus Vobiscum"