The Sound Foundation History

Gene LeSage, Sr.
Originator and General Mgr.
The Sound Foundation

-  Helping amatures reach their professional recording goals  -
...and helping professionals stay ahead!
-  Since 1963  -

The Sound Foundation Studio in 1978

1991 Paradise, CA.

Working with Children Studio in 1999
   In 1963 I played guitar for a rock group called the Destiny's the Band with the surf sound. One day we all went to San Jose to a recording studio called G&R Recordings owned by Gene Breeden and a silent partner. It was quite an experience for me to hear our band sounding like an on key earthquake coming out of a pair of some Altec voice of the theater speakers. The old analog Ampex recorders used then only had three channels and recorded onto one inch tape.

I knew from that day on I would always want be around recordings studios and the process of helping musicians reach their goals. The nostalgia is gone and technology has made recording a lot easy to get quality recordings today.

My younger brother Jim Le Sage came up with the name "The Sound Foundation" when we lived in the Monterey Bay area.

In The early_mid sixties my brother Jim and I worked to build our own studio.

Jim would bring home bands from high school like "Flood and The High Waters" and "King and The Chess Men." Jim and I became soul brothers with our friends..

I'll never for get the day Jim came in with three soul sisters we had that good Motown sound going in no time, the Diana Ross and the Surpreams had nothing over these girls .

Later in 1975 Jim and I moved The Sound Foundation to Napa CA. We serviced a lot of bands in that area. "Jim Le Sage on Stage" the one man band had his own show going and did quite well in Napa.

My son Gene started to show an interest in music and recording when we lived in the Carson City area 1978. Gene learned to play Drums, Bass, Guitar, and Piano and would help me with a lot of my sessions. He was good on all those instruments and mastered the piano in a short time. Gene and I still work the studio together from California and Nashville.