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   $50.00 Per Hr.

Two hour Minimum

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  1. Getting the best from your Band:

Practice at home instead of at the studio it's a lot less expensive. Set up is very important for the best recordings. Be prepared to spend some time for set up and sound checks. It is always best to get it right the first time.

Before we start we will need to know how many instrument are in the band, and how many songs you need to record to complete your project.  After set up, the rest is up to your bands ability to play. The satisfaction and the smiles we get . . . is why we're in this business, our passion is to capture the best recordings from your music.

 Gene, Sr.



Sponcer An Artist With Studio Time.

You can book a 2, 4 or 6 hour session on line as a gift.

using pay pal we will get the booking info we need  from you and then set the date to record.




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Our goal is to give you the best recording for your money. We have never wanted for an extra track, and have always satisfy our musical friends. Our Demo's speak for them self.

Gene, Sr.